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St Joseph's R.C. Primary SchoolYsgol Gynradd Gatholig Joseff Sant

Loving God through our love of learning and our love for one anotherCara Duw, Drwy ein cariad at ddysg a’h cariad at ein gilydd

Who's Who

Picture 1 Mrs Beckett (Headteacher)
Picture 2 Mrs Lynch ( Deputy Headteacher & Year 2 teacher)
Picture 3 Mrs S. Jones ( ALNCo & Year 6 Teacher)
Picture 4 Mrs Bradshaw (Year 3 Teacher)
Picture 5 Mrs Waters (Year 1 Teacher)
Picture 6 Miss Caddy (Reception Teacher)
Picture 7 Mrs McNiven (Year 1 Teacher)
Picture 8 Mrs North (Year 3 Teacher)
Picture 9 Mrs Blanks (Year 4 Teacher)
Picture 10 Miss James (Year 5 Teacher)
Picture 11 Mrs Adams (Supply Teacher)
Picture 12 Mrs Sellick (Higher Learning Teaching Assistant)
Picture 13 Mrs K. Jones ( Teaching Assistant)
Picture 14 Mrs O'Leary (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 15 Mrs McSweeney (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 16 Mrs Watkins (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 17 Mrs Kelemen (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 18 Mrs Smith (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 19 Mrs Kennett (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 20 Mrs Westley (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 21 Mrs Conlon (School Support Officer)
Picture 22 Mrs Rolfe ( Part-time School Support Officer)
Picture 23 Mrs Hughes (Caretaker)
Picture 24 Mrs Gamlin (Cleaner)
Picture 25 Mrs Hooper ( Cook)
Picture 26 Mrs Brunnock ( Breakfast Club Cook)
Picture 27 Mrs Jewitt ( Breakfast Club Supervisor)
Picture 28 Mrs McDonald (Breakfast Club Supervisor)
Picture 29 Miss Conlon ( Breakfast Club Supervisor)